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Brinkley RV Privacy Policy

Last Modified October 19, 2022

Brinkley RV Cookie Policy

Last Modified October 19, 2022

Brinkley RV uses cookies to enhance the experience of visitors to our websites. When we do this, we will provide information on the cookies used.

Brinkley RV uses cookies for the following purposes:

These cookies can come from either Brinkley RV (first-party cookies) or from other companies (third-party cookies).

Other Ways We Track The Use Of Our Content

Some of our websites and communications use Pixels to track the use of our content. Pixels (also known as Web Beacons) will report anonymized information regarding which communications are opened and which links are clicked. This helps us keep our content relevant and engaging to our consumers.

This Policy does not apply to any third-party cookies. We are not responsible for third-party privacy practices. Please consult each third party’s privacy policy for details about how that party collects and processes your personal information.