Brinkley Co-Owners: Ryan Thwaits, Micah Staley, Nate Goldenberg, Ron Fenech, & Bill Fenech

Co-Owners: Ryan Thwaits, Ron Fenech, Micah Staley, Bill Fenech, & Nate Goldenberg (Left To Right)




RV experience and reputation, along with youthful enthusiasm, have all come together to form Brinkley RV. We are recreating the manufacturing/workforce discipline, supplier/team relationship, and the selling/support experience. We are relentlessly dedicated to our customer’s satisfaction.



We are focused on the relentless pursuit of the ultimate customer experience. Our ownership team is comprised of some of the most experienced RV veterans; many of which have spent the past 20 years building the most successful brands and companies within the industry. With five equal partners, we have the unique ability to have an owner touching every part of our business, every day.

We hope you will put your full trust in us and join us on this journey as we recreate and revolutionize your camping experience!


Due to the industry’s noticeable shift in focus away from customer experience and product design, Brinkley RV owners saw a unique opportunity to recreate the RV experience for dealers and customers. We pay exceptional attention to detail, and our mission is to provide you with products and support that help create the memories you can cherish for a lifetime.

Every Brinkley RV is designed by an industry-leading expert who relentlessly focuses on making your experience memorable.

Our promise to you is two-fold:

  1. We listen to your feedback when developing floorplans; we implement new features and cutting-edge technologies to meet your needs.
  2. We also pledge to live the lifestyle right alongside you and tweak the product based off our own camping experiences.


As a privately held company, we have the competitive advantage of avoiding “publicly held” distractions so we can focus on the details. This allows us to stay closely connected to our customers, our employees, and our products.

We embody an exceptional customer experience; it is ingrained in the fabric of who we are. We have enhanced quality inspections and audits throughout our production line and a robust pre-delivery inspection (PDI) process. This way, we can ensure that your Brinkley RV is built right the first time and with the utmost quality.

But we are human, and sometimes mistakes happen. When challenges present themselves, Brinkley RV’s Customer Care Team will go above and beyond to ensure the necessary repairs are completed as efficiently as possible to get you back on the road.


Our dealers are an extension of Brinkley RV, and we believe we have partnered with the absolute best in North America! We pledge to make the dealer experience seamless from purchasing units, managing real-time inventory control, and shipment tracking to serviceability, priority service and enhanced product training.

We want our dealers free to focus on serving their customers and encouraging them to become Brinkley RV owners for life.  

We believe we are on the brink of something BIG!

Luxury RV Windows


Gone are the swirly RV exteriors from 20 years ago. Inspired by luxury sports cars, Brinkley’s sleek modern signature styling is further enhanced by our industry-first frameless Euro windows.

2023 RV Shows


It’s show season, and we are excited to meet you and show off our new Model Z mid-sized luxury fifth wheels. Here are the shows, open houses, and events the Brinkley team is attending over the next few months.

New Fifth Wheels Video


We are living the RV lifestyle alongside you by hitting the road in one of the Model Z prototypes long before production starts. These real-world adventures help us refine our RVs based on Camper feedback & our camping experiences.



If you haven’t heard of a Brinkley – I am certain you will very soon because they are getting ready to knock the socks off of every other RV company there is.

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Tim & Tory Lorimer

I recently stopped by their facility. And I saw their new unit. It looks great, they’re hitting the details people are looking for.

Google Review

Ryan Sailor

I don’t know other executives at companies that RV… It shows in the quality and all the little things that we see, including the fit and finish on everything…

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Don & Shirley Maycock

Just ordered the Brinkley 3100 Model Z. Couldn’t be more pleased with the coach design, finishes, and craftsmanship. The company is proud of the product and stands behind it should there be any concerns.

Facebook Review

Becky Taylor

The enthusiasm and excitement they all share in the Brinkley company itself validated that we made the right choice. We feel certain that the people representing Brinkley are a reflection of the owners which represents a quality company!

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Tim & Tory Lorimer

We don’t want to feel like we’re in a camper, and this (Model Z 3100) feels very residential, and that’s why I’m loving the Brinkley.

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Don & Shirley Maycock

Excellent design, build and customer commitment. Everything a luxury mid-profile coach should be. Many upgrades and special touches to make any trip more comfortable and relaxing.

Google Review

Becky Taylor

Every single experience with Brinkley has been phenomenal. The Z3100 is built with quality and durability from the floors to the cabinets and all the way to the roof. No small detail has been left out, and we love that the owners listen to the customer’s ideas.
But – the best part is the people who are Brinkley.

Read The Complete Testimonial (Facebook)

Tim & Tory Lorimer

This rig (Model Z 3100) is sleek and sophisticated looking with exceptional craftsmanship, and it was a happy surprise that it was even better in person. I can’t say enough about the people at Brinkley, they’re fantastic on every level. It’s incredible to have the opportunity to meet the owners of a fantastic new company and all the people making it happen.

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Don & Shirley Maycock

Spectacular unit/manufacturer, really raising the bar for others in the industry. Super excited to see what this brand does!

Google Review

Josiah Stuck

This new company and rig (Z3100) exceeded our expectations and then some… so we decided to buy it from Walnut Ridge in Indiana. The videos (Josh and others) were great, but experiencing it in person was simply amazing. We’ve toured hundreds of RVs through the years, and this was the first that literally took our breath away. We can’t wait to take delivery in February and then get it out on the road!

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Knox Howard