Travel Trailer by Brinkley RV - Model Z Air 295 Bunkhouse


Premium Luxury Travel Trailers

This isn’t just a travel trailer; it’s an invitation to redefine your expectations and rediscover the joy of exploration.

The Brinkley Model Z AIR Premium Travel Trailers are a class apart. With an automotive exterior and a residential interior, this travel trailer offers a unique combination of style and comfort. The Model Z AIR is designed to provide an unparalleled RV ownership experience with no compromises. Whether you’re a weekend camper or a full-time RVer, the Z AIR offers features and amenities that will appeal to all camping enthusiasts. It boasts a fit and finish unmatched in its category, with a combination of high-end features that are unheard of on travel trailers. See it for yourself; look for upcoming RV shows near you here.

Prototyping AIR

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Prototyping #2 of the Brinkley Model Z AIR Travel Trailers (BTS Time-lapse)



Z AIR 285 Travel Trailer Floorplan

33′ 11″ Gourmet Kitchen, Sleeper Dinette, Desk, Bedroom Fireplace


Z AIR 295 Bunkhouse Travel Trailer Floorplan

34′ 9″ Rear Private Bunkroom, Family-Sized Sofa, Exterior Storage


Who is Brinkley RV?
Built to a Higher Standard: Brinkley RV's Off-Road Simulation Testing

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Model Z AIR Features

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Model Z AIR Travel Trailer Features285295
100TitleChassis & SuspensionYT

Chassis & Suspension

101FeatureChassis & SuspensionYDrop Frame Chassis (Brinkley Spec & Certified) SSSameChassis & SuspensionZAIRTT285Chassis & SuspensionZAIRTT295
102FeatureChassis & SuspensionYPremium Load Range E 10-Ply Goodyear Wrangler Workhorse Tires SSSameChassis & SuspensionZAIRTT285Chassis & SuspensionZAIRTT295
103FeatureChassis & SuspensionY16″ Custom Aluminum Luxury Wheels SSSameChassis & SuspensionZAIRTT285Chassis & SuspensionZAIRTT295
104FeatureChassis & SuspensionYBanded Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) w/ Wireless Display SSSameChassis & SuspensionZAIRTT285Chassis & SuspensionZAIRTT295
105FeatureChassis & SuspensionYAutomatic One Touch 5-Point Leveling & Stabilization System w/ Hitch Height Memory SSSameChassis & SuspensionZAIRTT285Chassis & SuspensionZAIRTT295
106FeatureChassis & SuspensionYHeavy Duty 5,600 lbs. Axles w/ 6,000 lbs. Leaf Springs SSSameChassis & SuspensionZAIRTT285Chassis & SuspensionZAIRTT295
107FeatureChassis & SuspensionYShock Absorbers SSSameChassis & SuspensionZAIRTT285Chassis & SuspensionZAIRTT295
108FeatureChassis & SuspensionHigh-Performance Road Armor™ Suspension Equalizer SystemSSSameChassis & SuspensionZAIRTT285Chassis & SuspensionZAIRTT295
109FeatureChassis & SuspensionReinforced Axle HangersSSSameChassis & SuspensionZAIRTT285Chassis & SuspensionZAIRTT295
110FeatureChassis & SuspensionOver 2,200 lbs. of Gross Carrying CapacitySSSameChassis & SuspensionZAIRTT285Chassis & SuspensionZAIRTT295
111FeatureChassis & SuspensionYDemco EZ Latch Trailer Coupler SSSameChassis & SuspensionZAIRTT285Chassis & SuspensionZAIRTT295
112FeatureChassis & SuspensionYUpgraded 6' Coiled Breakaway Safety Cable SSSameChassis & SuspensionZAIRTT285Chassis & SuspensionZAIRTT295
113FeatureChassis & SuspensionYLED Under-Coach Ground Lighting SSSameChassis & SuspensionZAIRTT285Chassis & SuspensionZAIRTT295
114FeatureChassis & Suspension2″ Rear Receiver Hitch w/ 4-Way Connector (300 lbs. Tongue Weight 3,000 lbs. GTW)SSSameChassis & SuspensionZAIRTT285Chassis & SuspensionZAIRTT295
115TitleExterior & StorageYT

Exterior & Storage

116FeatureExterior & StorageYSquare Euro Frameless Windows w/ 6″ Openings (Industry 1st) SSSameExterior & StorageZAIRTT285Exterior & StorageZAIRTT295
117FeatureExterior & StorageY#8618Dual Pane Square Euro Frameless Windows w/ 6″ Openings ($1,731) OOSameExterior & StorageZAIRTT285Exterior & StorageZAIRTT295
118FeatureExterior & StorageYSleek & Clean Styling w/ Automotive-Grade Exterior Graphics SSSameExterior & StorageZAIRTT285Exterior & StorageZAIRTT295
119FeatureExterior & StorageAutomotive Front Cap, Lights, & Lenses SSSameExterior & StorageZAIRTT285Exterior & StorageZAIRTT295
120FeatureExterior & StorageYExterior Speakers w/ Bluetooth & Campside Controls SSSameExterior & StorageZAIRTT285Exterior & StorageZAIRTT295
121FeatureExterior & StorageDual Electric Awnings w/ LED LightingSSSameExterior & StorageZAIRTT285Exterior & StorageZAIRTT295
122FeatureExterior & StorageOff-Campside LED Flood LightSSSameExterior & StorageZAIRTT285Exterior & StorageZAIRTT295
123FeatureExterior & StorageYBackup Camera & Wireless Monitor w/ Observation/Security Mode SSSameExterior & StorageZAIRTT285Exterior & StorageZAIRTT295
124FeatureExterior & StorageWinegard Air 360+ TV & FM Antenna w/ Wi-Fi BoosterSSSameExterior & StorageZAIRTT285Exterior & StorageZAIRTT295
125FeatureExterior & StorageHeated & Insulated Pass-Through Storage Compartment w/ Motion Lighting & Power OutletsSSSameExterior & StorageZAIRTT285Exterior & StorageZAIRTT295
126FeatureExterior & StorageYOver 45 Cubic Feet of Exterior Storage Sn/aDifferentExterior & StorageZAIRTT285
127FeatureExterior & StorageYOver 100 Cubic Feet of Exterior Storage n/aSDifferentExterior & StorageZAIRTT295
128FeatureExterior & StorageYFront Pass-Through Storage Compartment: SSSameExterior & StorageZAIRTT285Exterior & StorageZAIRTT295
129FeatureExterior & Storage    ✔ Full-Width LED Strip LightingSSSameExterior & StorageZAIRTT285Exterior & StorageZAIRTT295
130FeatureExterior & StorageY    ✔ 4x Power Outlets SSSameExterior & StorageZAIRTT285Exterior & StorageZAIRTT295
131FeatureExterior & Storage    ✔ Antenna/Coax HookupSSSameExterior & StorageZAIRTT285Exterior & StorageZAIRTT295
132FeatureExterior & StorageY    ✔ Forced-Air Heated & Insulated SSSameExterior & StorageZAIRTT285Exterior & StorageZAIRTT295
133FeatureExterior & Storage    ✔ Off-Campside 'Saddle Bag' Drop-Down Storage AreaSSSameExterior & StorageZAIRTT285Exterior & StorageZAIRTT295
134FeatureExterior & StorageYRear to Campside Pass-Though Drop-Frame Storage Compartment: n/aSDifferentExterior & StorageZAIRTT295
135FeatureExterior & StorageY    ✔ Flip-Down Cargo Divider n/aSDifferentExterior & StorageZAIRTT295
136FeatureExterior & StorageY    ✔ 4x Power Outlets n/aSDifferentExterior & StorageZAIRTT295
137FeatureExterior & StorageY    ✔ Motion Activated Lighting n/aSDifferentExterior & StorageZAIRTT295
138FeatureExterior & StorageY    ✔ Cargo Pocket w/ Sliding Access Door n/aSDifferentExterior & StorageZAIRTT295
139FeatureExterior & StorageY    ✔ Adjustable Cargo Bay Tie-Down System w/ 4 L-Tracks (User Installable) n/aSDifferentExterior & StorageZAIRTT295
140FeatureExterior & StorageTough-Ply Floor & Walls in Storage CompartmentsSSSameExterior & StorageZAIRTT285Exterior & StorageZAIRTT295
141HideExterior & StorageYBrinkley KeBloc Accessory Mounting System Prep w/ 2 Blocks SSSameExterior & StorageZAIRTT285Exterior & StorageZAIRTT295
142FeatureExterior & StorageYPet & Property Security Campside Tie-Down 🐕 🚲 SSSameExterior & StorageZAIRTT285Exterior & StorageZAIRTT295
143FeatureExterior & StorageSlam Latch Baggage DoorsSSSameExterior & StorageZAIRTT285Exterior & StorageZAIRTT295
144FeatureExterior & StorageHigh-Capacity Heavy-Duty Secure Step Ladder w/ Weep HolesSSSameExterior & StorageZAIRTT285Exterior & StorageZAIRTT295
145FeatureExterior & StorageYCustom LP & Gear Box w/ Locked Battery & Tool Storage SSSameExterior & StorageZAIRTT285Exterior & StorageZAIRTT295
146FeatureExterior & StorageRock Guard Front Protective ShieldsSSSameExterior & StorageZAIRTT285Exterior & StorageZAIRTT295
147FeatureExterior & StorageYDeluxe Entrance Package: SSSameExterior & StorageZAIRTT285Exterior & StorageZAIRTT295
148FeatureExterior & Storage    ✔ Oversized 30″x76″ Entry DoorSSSameExterior & StorageZAIRTT285Exterior & StorageZAIRTT295
149FeatureExterior & Storage    ✔ Keyless EntrySSSameExterior & StorageZAIRTT285Exterior & StorageZAIRTT295
150FeatureExterior & Storage    ✔ Integrated Window ShadeSSSameExterior & StorageZAIRTT285Exterior & StorageZAIRTT295
151FeatureExterior & Storage    ✔ Child/Pet Defender Screen ProtectorSSSameExterior & StorageZAIRTT285Exterior & StorageZAIRTT295
152FeatureExterior & Storage    ✔ Slapshot Screen Door OpenerSSSameExterior & StorageZAIRTT285Exterior & StorageZAIRTT295
153FeatureExterior & Storage    ✔ Screen Assist – Bounceback TechnologySSSameExterior & StorageZAIRTT285Exterior & StorageZAIRTT295
154FeatureExterior & Storage    ✔ Extra-Wide & Deep Solid Entry StepsSSSameExterior & StorageZAIRTT285Exterior & StorageZAIRTT295
155FeatureExterior & Storage    ✔ 54" Telescoping Entry Grab Handle (Extends to Bottom Step)SSSameExterior & StorageZAIRTT285Exterior & StorageZAIRTT295
156TitleSolar, Electrical & HVACYT

Solar, Electrical & HVAC

157FeatureSolar, Electrical & HVACY370 Watt Solar Panel (740 Watt Ready) SSSameSolar, Electrical & HVACZAIRTT285Solar, Electrical & HVACZAIRTT295
158FeatureSolar, Electrical & HVACY60 Amp MPPT Solar Controller (Inverter Prep & Lithium Ready) SSSameSolar, Electrical & HVACZAIRTT285Solar, Electrical & HVACZAIRTT295
159FeatureSolar, Electrical & HVAC18k BTU Rear Furrion Chill Cube Air Conditioner (Main)SSSameSolar, Electrical & HVACZAIRTT285Solar, Electrical & HVACZAIRTT295
160FeatureSolar, Electrical & HVAC13.5k BTU Front Air Conditioner (Bed & Bath)SSSameSolar, Electrical & HVACZAIRTT285Solar, Electrical & HVACZAIRTT295
161FeatureSolar, Electrical & HVACBrinkley Smart-Command™ Center w/ App ControlSSSameSolar, Electrical & HVACZAIRTT285Solar, Electrical & HVACZAIRTT295
162FeatureSolar, Electrical & HVACYThermaflex® No Kink No Tear Heat Ducts SSSameSolar, Electrical & HVACZAIRTT285Solar, Electrical & HVACZAIRTT295
163FeatureSolar, Electrical & HVACTravel & Storage Mode Battery DisconnectsSSSameSolar, Electrical & HVACZAIRTT285Solar, Electrical & HVACZAIRTT295
164FeatureSolar, Electrical & HVACYLoomed, Labeled, & Color Coded Wiring Harness for Easy Serviceability SSSameSolar, Electrical & HVACZAIRTT285Solar, Electrical & HVACZAIRTT295
165FeatureSolar, Electrical & HVACYWire Conduit for Aftermarket Upgrades (Roof> Interior> Basement) SSSameSolar, Electrical & HVACZAIRTT285Solar, Electrical & HVACZAIRTT295
166FeatureSolar, Electrical & HVAC35k BTU High-Capacity FurnaceSSSameSolar, Electrical & HVACZAIRTT285Solar, Electrical & HVACZAIRTT295
167FeatureSolar, Electrical & HVACDetachable 50-amp Power Cord w/ Angled ConnectorSSSameSolar, Electrical & HVACZAIRTT285Solar, Electrical & HVACZAIRTT295
168TitlePlumbing & LPYT

Plumbing & LP

169FeaturePlumbing & LPYBrass Plumbing Fittings (Industry First) SSSamePlumbing & LPZAIRTT285Plumbing & LPZAIRTT295
170FeaturePlumbing & LPWater Shutoff Valve on ALL FixturesSSSamePlumbing & LPZAIRTT285Plumbing & LPZAIRTT295
171FeaturePlumbing & LPYUpgraded Holding Tanks w/ True Capacities SSSamePlumbing & LPZAIRTT285Plumbing & LPZAIRTT295
172FeaturePlumbing & LPThermofoil Insulated & Heated Holding Tanks w/ Steel Cross SupportsSSSamePlumbing & LPZAIRTT285Plumbing & LPZAIRTT295
173FeaturePlumbing & LPYElectric Waste Valves w/ Indicator Light & Manual-Override (Enclosed & Heated) SSSamePlumbing & LPZAIRTT285Plumbing & LPZAIRTT295
174FeaturePlumbing & LPExtended Sewage Hose StorageSSSamePlumbing & LPZAIRTT285Plumbing & LPZAIRTT295
175FeaturePlumbing & LPClear Sewer Cap w/ LanyardSSSamePlumbing & LPZAIRTT285Plumbing & LPZAIRTT295
176FeaturePlumbing & LPBrinkley On-Command™ Docking & Utility CenterSSSamePlumbing & LPZAIRTT285Plumbing & LPZAIRTT295
177FeaturePlumbing & LPY65′ Retractable City Water Hose SSSamePlumbing & LPZAIRTT285Plumbing & LPZAIRTT295
178FeaturePlumbing & LP2x 90-Degree Brass Elbows for Docking Station Water HosesSSSamePlumbing & LPZAIRTT285Plumbing & LPZAIRTT295
179FeaturePlumbing & LPEZ Winterization Valve in Utility CenterSSSamePlumbing & LPZAIRTT285Plumbing & LPZAIRTT295
180FeaturePlumbing & LPSingle Termination PlumbingSSSamePlumbing & LPZAIRTT285Plumbing & LPZAIRTT295
181FeaturePlumbing & LPYWasher/Dryer Prep (Stackable or Combo) Sn/aDifferentPlumbing & LPZAIRTT285
182FeaturePlumbing & LP2x Hot/Cold Exterior Spray Ports (Campside & Off-Campside)SSSamePlumbing & LPZAIRTT285Plumbing & LPZAIRTT295
183FeaturePlumbing & LPTankless On-Demand Water Heater (144 Gallons Per Hour)SSSamePlumbing & LPZAIRTT285Plumbing & LPZAIRTT295
184FeaturePlumbing & LPY2x 30 lbs. LP/Propane Tanks SSSamePlumbing & LPZAIRTT285Plumbing & LPZAIRTT295
185FeaturePlumbing & LPLP-IQ Propane GaugeSSSamePlumbing & LPZAIRTT285Plumbing & LPZAIRTT295
186FeaturePlumbing & LPExterior LP Quick ConnectSSSamePlumbing & LPZAIRTT285Plumbing & LPZAIRTT295
187TitleInterior & Living SpacesYT

Interior & Living Spaces

188FeatureInterior & Living SpacesYBrinkley CraftSense™ Wood Trim Construction SSSameInterior & Living SpacesZAIRTT285Interior & Living SpacesZAIRTT295
189FeatureInterior & Living SpacesYDUAL Flush Floor Galley & Livingroom Slides (Segment First) SSSameInterior & Living SpacesZAIRTT285Interior & Living SpacesZAIRTT295
190FeatureInterior & Living Spaces72.5″ Slide Out HeightSSSameInterior & Living SpacesZAIRTT285Interior & Living SpacesZAIRTT295
191FeatureInterior & Living SpacesYWindow Intergraded Day Screens & Blackout Shades w/ Reflective Insulation + Full Bug Screens SSSameInterior & Living SpacesZAIRTT285Interior & Living SpacesZAIRTT295
192FeatureInterior & Living SpacesYDimmable Living Room Lights SSSameInterior & Living SpacesZAIRTT285Interior & Living SpacesZAIRTT295
193FeatureInterior & Living Spaces43″ Smart TV & Televator (Powered TV Elevator)Sn/aDifferentInterior & Living SpacesZAIRTT285
194FeatureInterior & Living Spaces50″ Smart TV w/ Articulating Mountn/aSDifferentInterior & Living SpacesZAIRTT295
195FeatureInterior & Living SpacesPremium Audio System w/ Bluetooth w/ Physical ControlsSSSameInterior & Living SpacesZAIRTT285Interior & Living SpacesZAIRTT295
196FeatureInterior & Living SpacesEntertainment Shelf (Behind TV)SSSameInterior & Living SpacesZAIRTT285Interior & Living SpacesZAIRTT295
197FeatureInterior & Living SpacesFireplace w/ 5,000 BTU Electric HeatSSSameInterior & Living SpacesZAIRTT285Interior & Living SpacesZAIRTT295
198FeatureInterior & Living SpacesYWall Hugger Theater Seating w/ Heat & Wireless Charging (2x Recliners) Sn/aDifferentInterior & Living SpacesZAIRTT285
199FeatureInterior & Living SpacesYWall Hugger Theater Seating & Sofa w/ Heat & Wireless Charging (3x Recliners) n/aSDifferentInterior & Living SpacesZAIRTT295
200FeatureInterior & Living SpacesRemovable Dining Table (Stored in Sofa Arm)n/aSDifferentInterior & Living SpacesZAIRTT295
201FeatureInterior & Living SpacesYDesk w/ Outlets, Pencil Drawer, & Overhead Storage Cabinets Sn/aDifferentInterior & Living SpacesZAIRTT285
202FeatureInterior & Living Spaces14 Outlets - 4 w/ USB & USB-Cn/aSDifferentInterior & Living SpacesZAIRTT295
203FeatureInterior & Living Spaces13 Outlets - 3 w/ USB & USB-CSn/aDifferentInterior & Living SpacesZAIRTT285
204FeatureInterior & Living SpacesWell-Placed Outlets w/ USB & USB-C High-Speed Charging StationsSSSameInterior & Living SpacesZAIRTT285Interior & Living SpacesZAIRTT295
205FeatureInterior & Living SpacesYSoft-Close Cabinet Doors SSSameInterior & Living SpacesZAIRTT285Interior & Living SpacesZAIRTT295
206FeatureInterior & Living SpacesYPet-Friendly Package: SSSameInterior & Living SpacesZAIRTT285Interior & Living SpacesZAIRTT295
207FeatureInterior & Living Spaces    ✔ Ductless Floors in Main Living AreasSSSameInterior & Living SpacesZAIRTT285Interior & Living SpacesZAIRTT295
208FeatureInterior & Living Spaces    ✔ Child/Pet Defender Screen ProtectorSSSameInterior & Living SpacesZAIRTT285Interior & Living SpacesZAIRTT295
209FeatureInterior & Living Spaces    ✔ 100% Carpet FreeSSSameInterior & Living SpacesZAIRTT285Interior & Living SpacesZAIRTT295
210FeatureInterior & Living SpacesY    ✔ Exterior Pet & Property Security Tie-Down 🐕 🚲 SSSameInterior & Living SpacesZAIRTT285Interior & Living SpacesZAIRTT295
211FeatureInterior & Living SpacesY    ✔ Magnetic Pet Feeder w/ Removable Bowls (Snags to Island Base) SSSameInterior & Living SpacesZAIRTT285Interior & Living SpacesZAIRTT295
212TitleKitchen & DiningYT

Kitchen & Dining

213FeatureKitchen & DiningYPremium Residential Drawers w/ Dovetail Joints SSSameKitchen & DiningZAIRTT285Kitchen & DiningZAIRTT295
214FeatureKitchen & DiningYResidential Solid Surface Countertops SSSameKitchen & DiningZAIRTT285Kitchen & DiningZAIRTT295
215FeatureKitchen & DiningYOne-Piece Steel Island Base (Super Stable) SSSameKitchen & DiningZAIRTT285Kitchen & DiningZAIRTT295
216FeatureKitchen & DiningYEat-In Kitchen Island w/ Bar Stools n/aSDifferentKitchen & DiningZAIRTT295
217FeatureKitchen & DiningYSleeper Dinette w/ Storage Drawer & Indirect Mood Lighting Sn/aDifferentKitchen & DiningZAIRTT285
218FeatureKitchen & DiningYPull-Out Trash Bin w/ Utility Storage Sn/aDifferentKitchen & DiningZAIRTT285
219FeatureKitchen & DiningYDual Pull-Out Trash Bins n/aSDifferentKitchen & DiningZAIRTT295
220FeatureKitchen & DiningYStow ‘N Go Paper Towel Holder SSSameKitchen & DiningZAIRTT285Kitchen & DiningZAIRTT295
221HideKitchen & DiningCustom Spice Rack Drawer Insert (Removable)SSSameKitchen & DiningZAIRTT285Kitchen & DiningZAIRTT295
222FeatureKitchen & DiningYPremium Residential Soft Close Cabinets SSSameKitchen & DiningZAIRTT285Kitchen & DiningZAIRTT295
223FeatureKitchen & DiningYMagnetic Cabinet & Drawer Catches SSSameKitchen & DiningZAIRTT285Kitchen & DiningZAIRTT295
224FeatureKitchen & DiningYLarge Pantry w/ Adjustable Shelves & Appliance Outlet SSSameKitchen & DiningZAIRTT285Kitchen & DiningZAIRTT295
225FeatureKitchen & DiningYSecond Pantry (Next to Fridge) Sn/aDifferentKitchen & DiningZAIRTT285
226FeatureKitchen & Dining16 Cubic Feet Energy Efficient 12-Volt RefrigeratorSSSameKitchen & DiningZAIRTT285Kitchen & DiningZAIRTT295
227FeatureKitchen & DiningResidential 30″ MicrowaveSSSameKitchen & DiningZAIRTT285Kitchen & DiningZAIRTT295
228FeatureKitchen & DiningFarmhouse Sink & Roller CoverSSSameKitchen & DiningZAIRTT285Kitchen & DiningZAIRTT295
229FeatureKitchen & DiningSoffit & Island Base w/ Indirect Mood LightSSSameKitchen & DiningZAIRTT285Kitchen & DiningZAIRTT295
230FeatureKitchen & DiningMaxxair Fan w/ Rain SensorSSSameKitchen & DiningZAIRTT285Kitchen & DiningZAIRTT295


232FeatureBathroomYMarine Grade Neon LED Shower Lighting SSSameBathroomZAIRTT285BathroomZAIRTT295
233FeatureBathroomSpace Saver Bathroom Passage Door(s)SSSameBathroomZAIRTT285BathroomZAIRTT295
234FeatureBathroomLighted Bathroom MirrorSSSameBathroomZAIRTT285BathroomZAIRTT295
235FeatureBathroomYResidential Solid Surface Countertop SSSameBathroomZAIRTT285BathroomZAIRTT295
236FeatureBathroomGlass Sliding Shower DoorSSSameBathroomZAIRTT285BathroomZAIRTT295
237FeatureBathroomYOne-Piece 30"x42" Fiberglass Shower Surround w/ Seat (Max Height) SSSameBathroomZAIRTT285BathroomZAIRTT295
238FeatureBathroomDual Access Bathroom to Bedroom Pass Through Storage CabinetSSSameBathroomZAIRTT285BathroomZAIRTT295
239FeatureBathroom3 Matching Bath HooksSSSameBathroomZAIRTT285BathroomZAIRTT295
240FeatureBathroom3 Matching Bath HooksSSSameBathroomZAIRTT285BathroomZAIRTT295
241FeatureBathroomYToilet Paper Holder w/ Magnetic Travel Keeper SSSameBathroomZAIRTT285BathroomZAIRTT295
242FeatureBathroomOverhead ShelfSSSameBathroomZAIRTT285BathroomZAIRTT295
243FeatureBathroomPorcelain ToiletSSSameBathroomZAIRTT285BathroomZAIRTT295
244FeatureBathroomMaxxair Fan w/ Rain SensorSSSameBathroomZAIRTT285BathroomZAIRTT295


246FeatureBedroomYDimmable Bedroom Lights SSSameBedroomZAIRTT285BedroomZAIRTT295
247FeatureBedroomYQueen Bed w/ Residential 9″ Memory Foam Mattress (60″x80″) SSSameBedroomZAIRTT285BedroomZAIRTT295
248FeatureBedroomMatching Comforter & 3 Pillow PackageSSSameBedroomZAIRTT285BedroomZAIRTT295
249FeatureBedroomYDual Motion Activated LED Bed Lights SSSameBedroomZAIRTT285BedroomZAIRTT295
250FeatureBedroomDual Built-in Bedside Storage Cubbies w/ Outlets & USB & USB-C Charing Ports (CPAP Ready) SSSameBedroomZAIRTT285BedroomZAIRTT295
251FeatureBedroomPadded Headboard w/ Overhead ShelfSSSameBedroomZAIRTT285BedroomZAIRTT295
252FeatureBedroomFinished Under-Bed Storage Compartmentn/aSDifferentBedroomZAIRTT295
253FeatureBedroom4x Under-Bed Storage DrawersSn/aDifferentBedroomZAIRTT285
254FeatureBedroom2x Felt-lined Under-Bed Storage TraysSn/aDifferentBedroomZAIRTT285
255FeatureBedroomYUnder-Bed Storage Space w/ Lockable In-Floor Steel Safe Sn/aDifferentBedroomZAIRTT285
256FeatureBedroomDual Reading Sconce LightsSSSameBedroomZAIRTT285BedroomZAIRTT295
257FeatureBedroomYCordless Vacuum Prep w/ Closet/Wardrobe Outlet SSSameBedroomZAIRTT285BedroomZAIRTT295
258FeatureBedroomDual Wardrobe Closets w/ DrawersSSSameBedroomZAIRTT285BedroomZAIRTT295
259FeatureBedroom32″ Smart TVSSSameBedroomZAIRTT285BedroomZAIRTT295
260FeatureBedroomYFireplace w/ 5,000 BTU Electric Heat (Bedroom) Sn/aDifferentBedroomZAIRTT285
261FeatureBedroomFolding Wall HooksSSSameBedroomZAIRTT285BedroomZAIRTT295
262TitleSecond Bedroom (Rear Bunkhouse)YT

Second Bedroom (Rear Bunkhouse)

263FeatureSecond Bedroom (Rear Bunkhouse)YResidential Interior Door (Private Bedroom) n/aSDifferentSecond Bedroom (Rear Bunkhouse)ZAIRTT295
264FeatureSecond Bedroom (Rear Bunkhouse)YStacked Rear Bunk Beds w/ Double Mattresses (54”x74”) n/aSDifferentSecond Bedroom (Rear Bunkhouse)ZAIRTT295
265FeatureSecond Bedroom (Rear Bunkhouse)Floor to Ceiling Storage Cabinet w/ Drawersn/aSDifferentSecond Bedroom (Rear Bunkhouse)ZAIRTT295
266FeatureSecond Bedroom (Rear Bunkhouse)TV Prep (Power, Mounting Backer, & Antenna/Coax)n/aSDifferentSecond Bedroom (Rear Bunkhouse)ZAIRTT295
267FeatureSecond Bedroom (Rear Bunkhouse)Outlets & USB Charging Station (Upper & Lower Bunk)n/aSDifferentSecond Bedroom (Rear Bunkhouse)ZAIRTT295
268HideSecond Bedroom (Rear Bunkhouse)Folding Wall Hooksn/aSDifferentSecond Bedroom (Rear Bunkhouse)ZAIRTT295
269TitleConstruction & WarrantyYT

Construction & Warranty

270HideConstruction & WarrantyYDesigned by Campers, Developed with Customer Feedback SSSameConstruction & WarrantyZAIRTT285Construction & WarrantyZAIRTT295
271FeatureConstruction & WarrantyYDesigned For Full-Time RVing ✪ Warrantied for Full-Time RVing SSSameConstruction & WarrantyZAIRTT285Construction & WarrantyZAIRTT295
272FeatureConstruction & Warranty1-Year Transferrable Limited Base WarrantySSSameConstruction & WarrantyZAIRTT285Construction & WarrantyZAIRTT295
273FeatureConstruction & Warranty3-Year Limited Structural WarrantySSSameConstruction & WarrantyZAIRTT285Construction & WarrantyZAIRTT295
274FeatureConstruction & WarrantyYLow-Maintenance Roof SSSameConstruction & WarrantyZAIRTT285Construction & WarrantyZAIRTT295
275FeatureConstruction & Warranty20-Year Roof Membrane Warranty & 25-Year Seal WarrantySSSameConstruction & WarrantyZAIRTT285Construction & WarrantyZAIRTT295
276FeatureConstruction & Warranty5-Year Limited w/ 1-Year No Questions Tire WarrantySSSameConstruction & WarrantyZAIRTT285Construction & WarrantyZAIRTT295
277FeatureConstruction & WarrantyYComplimentary 24/7 Roadside Assistance (12 Months) SSSameConstruction & WarrantyZAIRTT285Construction & WarrantyZAIRTT295
278FeatureConstruction & WarrantyBasement Utility Access w/ Removable Sliding Doors & Motion Activated LightsSSSameConstruction & WarrantyZAIRTT285Construction & WarrantyZAIRTT295
279FeatureConstruction & WarrantyYBrinkley Automotive-Grade Sealant Package! SSSameConstruction & WarrantyZAIRTT285Construction & WarrantyZAIRTT295
280FeatureConstruction & WarrantyAutomotive-Style Riveted Wheel Skirts & PanelsSSSameConstruction & WarrantyZAIRTT285Construction & WarrantyZAIRTT295
281FeatureConstruction & WarrantyLaminated Exterior Walls w/ High-Gloss Gel Coat Fiberglass & AzdelSSSameConstruction & WarrantyZAIRTT285Construction & WarrantyZAIRTT295
282FeatureConstruction & WarrantyReinforced & Walkable Slide RoofsSSSameConstruction & WarrantyZAIRTT285Construction & WarrantyZAIRTT295
283FeatureConstruction & WarrantyThermaflex® No Kink No Tear Heat DuctsSSSameConstruction & WarrantyZAIRTT285Construction & WarrantyZAIRTT295
284FeatureConstruction & WarrantyYLoomed, Labeled, & Color Coded Wiring Harness for Easy Serviceability SSSameConstruction & WarrantyZAIRTT285Construction & WarrantyZAIRTT295
285FeatureConstruction & WarrantyYWater Shutoff Valve on ALL Fixtures SSSameConstruction & WarrantyZAIRTT285Construction & WarrantyZAIRTT295
286FeatureConstruction & WarrantyYAll-in-One EK Repairable Slideout Seal System SSSameConstruction & WarrantyZAIRTT285Construction & WarrantyZAIRTT295
287FeatureConstruction & WarrantyYBrass Plumbing Fittings (Segment First) SSSameConstruction & WarrantyZAIRTT285Construction & WarrantyZAIRTT295
288FeatureConstruction & WarrantyYIndustry Best Insulation Package: SSSameConstruction & WarrantyZAIRTT285Construction & WarrantyZAIRTT295
289FeatureConstruction & Warranty    ✔ R40 Roof, R11 Walls, R40 Floor InsulationSSSameConstruction & WarrantyZAIRTT285Construction & WarrantyZAIRTT295
290FeatureConstruction & Warranty    ✔ Double Insulated Roof, Front Cap, & Main FloorSSSameConstruction & WarrantyZAIRTT285Construction & WarrantyZAIRTT295
291FeatureConstruction & Warranty    ✔ Heated & Enclosed Underbelly (Circulated)SSSameConstruction & WarrantyZAIRTT285Construction & WarrantyZAIRTT295
292FeatureConstruction & Warranty    ✔ Insulated Slideout FloorsSSSameConstruction & WarrantyZAIRTT285Construction & WarrantyZAIRTT295
293FeatureConstruction & WarrantyYEvery Coach Every Time - Industry Leading Pre-Delivery Tests & Inspection Process: SSSameConstruction & WarrantyZAIRTT285Construction & WarrantyZAIRTT295
294FeatureConstruction & WarrantyY    ✔ Industry Leading 350+ Point Inspection & Testing Process SSSameConstruction & WarrantyZAIRTT285Construction & WarrantyZAIRTT295
295FeatureConstruction & WarrantyY    ✔ Off-Road Simulation Tested (Industries Exclusive) SSSameConstruction & WarrantyZAIRTT285Construction & WarrantyZAIRTT295
296FeatureConstruction & WarrantyY    ✔ Complete Unit Pressure Test (Seals, Gaskets, Slideout, Etc.) SSSameConstruction & WarrantyZAIRTT285Construction & WarrantyZAIRTT295
297HideChassis & SuspensionY    ✔ Hidden Row SSSameChassis & SuspensionZAIRTT285Chassis & SuspensionZAIRTT295

Weights, Dimensions, & Capacities


– I don’t know other executives at companies that RV… It shows in the (Brinkley) quality and all the little things that we see, including the fit and finish of everything…

– Don Maycock


Join us for an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the production of a Brinkley RV. We’ll take you through the manufacturing process and details of how we meticulously create a Brinkley RV.

New Fifth Wheels Video


We are living the RV lifestyle right alongside you by hitting the road with Brinkley RV’s own Model Z. These adventures help us learn how we can improve our RVs based on our own camping experiences.



Excellent design, build and customer commitment. Everything a luxury mid-profile coach should be. Many upgrades and special touches to make any trip more comfortable and relaxing.


Google Review

Becky Taylor

I don’t know other executives at companies that RV… It shows in the quality and all the little things that we see, including the fit and finish on everything…

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Don & Shirley Maycock

The enthusiasm and excitement they all share in the Brinkley company itself validated that we made the right choice. We feel certain that the people representing Brinkley are a reflection of the owners which represents a quality company!

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Tim & Tory Lorimer

Spectacular unit/manufacturer, really raising the bar for others in the industry. Super excited to see what this brand does!


Google Review

Josiah Stuck

I recently stopped by their facility. And I saw their new unit. It looks great, they’re hitting the details people are looking for.


Google Review

Ryan Sailor

We’ve toured hundreds of RVs through the years, and this was the first that literally took our breath away. We can’t wait to take delivery and then get it out on the road!


Google Review

Knox Howard

I have worked on many RV’s and none have been as well built and well organized as the Brinkley Model Z. The electrical system is set up to be easy to customize for the individual owner’s needs. Access to wiring and wire routing is straightforward and neat. Well Done, Brinkley.

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Adventure Van Systems

Just ordered the Brinkley 3100 Model Z. Couldn’t be more pleased with the coach design, finishes, and craftsmanship. The company is proud of the product and stands behind it should there be any concerns.

Facebook Review

Becky Taylor

This rig (Model Z 3100) is sleek and sophisticated looking with exceptional craftsmanship, and it was a happy surprise that it was even better in person. I can’t say enough about the people at Brinkley, they’re fantastic on every level. It’s incredible to have the opportunity to meet the owners of a fantastic new company and all the people making it happen.

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Don & Shirley Maycock

We discovered the Brinkley Z3100 at the Montreal RV show. It was an instant crush due to the quantity of materials used and the incomparable finish of the Brinkley. This is by far the best value for money in the industry. We are delighted with our acquisition.


Google Review

Luc Girard

This new company and rig (Z3100) exceeded our expectations and then some… so we decided to buy it from Walnut Ridge in Indiana. The videos (Josh and others) were great, but experiencing it in person was simply amazing.


Google Review

Knox Howard

Every single experience with Brinkley has been phenomenal. The Z3100 is built with quality and durability from the floors to the cabinets and all the way to the roof. No small detail has been left out, and we love that the owners listen to the customer’s ideas.
But – the best part is the people who are Brinkley.

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Tim & Tory Lorimer

If you haven’t heard of a Brinkley – I am certain you will very soon because they are getting ready to knock the socks off of every other RV company there is.

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Tim & Tory Lorimer

We don’t want to feel like we’re in a camper, and this (Model Z 3100) feels very residential, and that’s why I’m loving the Brinkley.

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Don & Shirley Maycock